National Holistic Institute - Petaluma, California

Did you know that therapeutic bodywork is one of the fastest growing professions today?

Attending a holistic healing school in California can allow you to earn the credentials to enter this in-demand field and enjoy a rewarding career.

The National Holistic Institute in Petaluma is one location where you can prepare for a great future. The center is located at 1304 Southpoint Boulevard, just off North McDowell Boulevard. Highway 101 makes access simple and two bus lines provide public transportation if needed.

Classroom theory is simply not enough; hands-on practice of the art and science learned in training is important. This California holistic school includes an on-site clinic and externships may be available. Working in supervised real-world scenarios with actual clients is the most effective means of honing the skills. The latest equipment and modern facilities make your learning fun and effective.

While attending this NHI's California massage institute, you'll find personal growth as well as professional growth. There are few, if any, careers more satisfying that helping people enjoy better health. Workplaces like resorts, cruise ships, medical centers and others seek the services of caring career-minded masseurs and you'll be qualified to choose from exciting, interesting places of employment after graduation and licensing.

To learn if NHI's holistic healing school in California is the right place for you, you'll want full details about classes, schedules, fees, financial planning, and much more. Personal schedule advice and video information may be available. To obtain facts without obligation, simply contact the school through their convenient online request form.

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