The Massage Experts: National Holistic Institute in San Francsico, California

Are you searching for a holistic school in California?

The National Holistic Institute in San Francisco, California, is located on Market Street at the intersection of Market and Gough Street. This convenient campus location makes this leading CA massage school easily accessible throughout San Francisco.

National Holistic Institute offers a variety of programs from beginning training to intermediate and advanced certification and continuing education for students that wish to add new skills to their repertoire. There is an on-campus clinic where students learn through supervised hands-on learning how to best apply their manual dexterity skills and knowledge of the body, working with actual clients in real-life situations.

This California touch therapy school is not just another massage school, since massage therapy is their primary foucs. They are a holistic healing school that instructs students in a wide range of bodywork modalities, therapies and techniques. The beginning program provides a sound basis in anatomy, kinesiology, basic massage techniques as well as business skills.

At NHI, you learn such a wide range of massage techniques. You will even learn how to assess a client’s individual needs and develop a customized massage program for each client.

You not only learn Swedish massage, but also acupressure and shiatsu massage. If you have women clients pregnant you will know how best to help them, and you will also learn sports massage, seated massage, foot reflexology, deep tissue massage, energy massage. For clients with injuries you will learn the best massage techniques to help them, including joint mobilization.

To give you professionalism in your work you learn professional draping procedures, body mechanics for the therapist, and assessment and customization of massage sessions.

massage techniquesOf course, after graduating from this holistic school in California, you will need to complete necessary licensing procedures which may vary depending on the exact location in which you wish to practice. You will be prepared to sit for the national board exams and many students from NHI earn exceptional scores.

If you want to learn at this holistic healing school in CA, you'll want detailed information. Class schedules, curriculum facts, fees, registration data and other facts are easy to obtain and there is no obligation of any kind to learn all about NHI. All you need to do is contact the school through their confidential online form.

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