Academy of Healing Arts - Las Vegas, Nevada

Are you searching through Las Vegas massage schools, wondering which one you should attend?

One Nevada massage therapy school you will want to know more about is the the Academy of Healing Arts in Las Vegas

Of the massage schools in Las Vegas, The Academy of Healing Artis is considered one of the very best.

The balance program includes classroom fundamentals and hands-on implementation of skills in a supervised, clinical setting. You'll learn Swedish techniques, pathology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and be fully prepared to sit for the national certification examination upon graduation. The diploma program is only 7 months long with classes meeting either in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Everyone wants to earn a living in a satisfying career field. There are few career choices that can provide the personal and financial satisfaction of professional therapy. Every day you will be helping people improve their health, move with ease and feel better about themselves. More people than ever are turning to natural health care to glean these benefits. The industry is growing at steadily, and in need of qualified professional therapeutic therapists to fill positions in hospitals, Dr. Offices, health clinic, and also health spas and related health and wellness facilities.

By contacting the Academy of Healing Arts in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can easily obtain complimentary, no-obligation information to learn about their class schedules, tuition costs, financial aid, and receive answers on other important questions you may have.

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