Keiser University - Kendall, Florida

Of the South Florida massage schools, you'll find Keiser University Miami campus in Kendall to be a well respected and well accredited therapeutic massage school.

The massage therapist training you'll receive by attending Keiser will prepare you to enter a career path that is in high demand and will continue to grow.

At this Florida massage institute you'll spend classroom time gaining knowledge and hands-on supervised clinical time working with actual clients.

Everyone wants to have a truly satisfying career; you will receive personal and financial satisfaction when your work days involve helping people to feel better. Using the manual dexterity skills and therapy techniques perfected at Keiser massage school, you'll be able to provide significant health benefits to your clients. Some of these benefits are faster healing from injury or surgery, improved immune system response, increased circulation, lowered blood pressure, flexibility and mobility, and relief from pain.

You can learn more about upcoming classes, financial aid and other services by contacting, the school by entering your information. A school representative is happy to reply to your questions and supply you with the information you need.

Note: Kendall Campus no longer offers massage classes
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