Cortiva - Muscular Therapy Institute - Cambridge at Watertown, Massachusetts

The Muscular Therapy Institute offers the Cambridge campus for those students who wish to attend classes in Watertown, Massachusetts.

At this Massachusetts massage school you can attend massage classes at Cambridge and learn the art of muscular therapy, an in-demand profession.

The campus is located at 103 Morse Street, Watertown, MA 02472 which is a quarter of a mile SW of Watertown Square.

Cambridge recognizes the body's natural healing nature. They value careful science and cultivated intuition as essential components for developing both the skill and the art of massage. They know that when compassion and acceptance guide skilled massage techniques, the work supports the healing process.

By the time you complete your training at this fine Massachusettes massage school you'll be prepared to help your clients enjoy reduced pain, better immune response, improved circulation, faster healing and greater mobility.

Did you know that The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that in the next five years the demand for alternative therapy, such as therapeutic massage will increase as much as thirty-five percent? Workplaces such as hospitals, spas, resorts, hotels, sports centers, doctors' offices are seeking trained professionals to fill their needs.