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Massage Therapy Schools - McIntosh College - Dover, New Hampshire

In today's economic climate, one thing is certain — you need specialized skills to get ahead. While a high school diploma will get you a job, it won't get you a career. That's where McIntosh College of Dover, New Hampshire comes in. We're here to help you reach your career goals.

The Massage Therapy Program is designed to prepare students for an entry level position in one of the most engaging and exciting fields today. The courses are designed to develop the knowledge, specialized skills, and understanding of the role of each student in becoming a successful licensed massage therapist/bodyworker.

This certificate program is structured to provide a balanced education of the art, science and ethics of massage therapy/bodywork through theory, lecture and application that meets state and national certification requirements.

Upon completion of the Massage Therapy Program, a McIntosh graduate may work in an entry level position as a massage therapist in a variety of health care facilities, including but not limited to a massage clinic, hospital, chiropractic office, nursing home, health club, spa, resort or private practice. Therapists may be employed in urban, suburban and rural areas.

The versatility of a career in massage therapy should allow a graduate to develop a clientele, be involved in the operation and management of a modern business office and maintain a professional massage therapy practice. The broad range of specialties within the field can allow the massage therapist to continue to expand their repertoire to enhance personal and professional growth.

Whether you're a high school graduate, you're looking to change careers, or you would just like to advance in your current career, McIntosh College can help you succeed.