Kaplan College in North Country Campus in San Diego, California

A California massage degree program can teach you a natural healing art that you will enjoy practicing every workday.

You will want to attend the best Southern California massage school in order to perfect your skills and learn the most comprehensive techniques. Kaplan College offers a modern campus in Northern County San Diego. To attend your San Diego massage classes you can easily drive to the campus at 2022 University Drive in Vista, California. Just exit off Highway 78 at Sycamore Ave and turn north. Next, head east on University Drive and continue about a mile. You will find yourself in a metro area in northern San Diego.

foot massage trainingThis fine massage school will provide you all the skills and knowledge needed to become successful in your career as a trained therapist. Upon graduation, you may choose to open your very own clinic or you might choose to work in one of the many employment areas requiring trained professionals.

Some of these are hospitals, doctor's offices, spas, resorts, sports teams and sports centers, wellness centers, holistic medicine centers, salons, 5-star hotels and many, many more. You'll find your work enjoyable and personally satisfying while earning a good living. You will also be in a career field that can grow with you if you choose to continue your education in the healing arts.

To learn all about the program available at this southern California massage school, begin by entering your information in the school's convenient online request form. You will quickly receive complementary information providing all the details.

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