IntelliTec Medical Institute - Colorado Springs, Colorado

Are you eager to prepare for a great career by attending massage school?

Colorado Springs, Colorado is a beautiful place to prepare for your career and IltelliTec Medical Institute is a great school to learn the skills you need.

This school was established in 1966 and the campus at 2345 N. Academy Boulevard is convenient and the spacious. It consists of a two-story facility which houses up-to-date equipment.

At this Colorado institute, massage therapy is taught hands-on and other learning methods include presentations and classroom techniques. You also have two different programs that you can choose from, for entry level employment you can choose to earn a professional certification diploma. Or if you are more inclined to want to open your own practice you might want to get an Associate of Occupational Sciences degree.

After successfully completing your Colorado massage classes at IntelliTec, you'll be prepared to obtain your professional credentials and license so you can begin working. There are so many wonderful choices awaiting you. You can work in ski resorts, spas, and hotels if you are looking for some interesting environments. Or you can work in the more traditional healthcare environments, such as doctor's offices, and medical facilities.

If you would like to learn more about this fine massage training institute, you can easily request information by entering your information in the school's online request form. They will quickly reply with answers to your important questions.

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