Institute for Business and Technology - Santa Clara, California

Are you considering attending massage therapy classes in CA? One of the well known massage therapy schools, California's Institute for Business and Technology in Santa Clara may be just the right school for you.

In less than eight months, this California massage school can prepare you for a career as a trained professional therapist in the field of massage. To take a tour of the school visit them at: 2400 Walsh Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051. The campus includes a 60,000 sq. ft. facility that is very modern and has well-lighted parking areas for those attending night classes. If you are seeking a Silicon Valley massage school you will also be please to know that the Santa Clara campus is quite accessible from all the major freeways.

Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor project that the need for trained therapist will rise as much as 35% by the year 2010. This indicates that the demand for natural health care services will far exceed the available trained professionals. By choosing this career path, you'll be entering a field that is satisfying both personally and financially and you will, each work day, know that you are helping people feel better, experience reduced pain, and heal more quickly.

Special Notice: Currently this school is not offering this program. Click to find other > Santa Clara Massage Schools


Massage Training Tip

Creating clients is one of the challenges a new therapist has when beginning a private practice. First, go through your warm list which consists of all your friends and family. Next ask them to pass on your business cards and brochures to their friends.

When your new clients complete their sessions also give them some business cards and brochures and let them know if they are happy with their session you would really appreciate some referrals. Offer them
time credits toward their massages. Tapping into your warm market and the warm market of your friends and family members is an excellent way begin building a client base, so don't be shy. Remember that you have something very special to offer and your new clients will receive many wonderful benefits.