Institute for Business and Medical Careers - Fort Collins, Colorado

If you want to continue your education at a fine Colorado institute, massage therapy may be just the career choice for you.

The Institute of Business and Medical Careers in Fort Collins, Colorado offers a program that is considered among the finest available. IBMC is conveniently located at 1609 Oakridge Drive, just off East Harmony Road. It is easy to access, only a little over three miles west of Interstate 25. Whether you live in Fort Collins or anywhere in Denver Metro, you'll find the commute to class simple and easy.

massage classesThis Colorado massage school prepares you in very way to sit for the national board exams and become a licensed professional, qualified to practice this form of natural health care. You'll learn through classroom theory and hands-on supervised clinical practice to use your sense of touch and manual dexterity to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues of your clients to improve their sense of health and correct many common health problems. Your clients will enjoy improved circulation, lowered blood pressure, pain relief, improved immune response, faster healing and many other benefits. You'll be ready to provide techniques such as Swedish, chair, infant, prenatal, sports, Asian, neuro-muscular therapies, reflexology and hydrotherapy.

By completing your massage training in Colorado, you'll be able to enjoy a career that is satisfying both personally and financially. Natural health care is enjoying a huge surge in growth and popularity and there are too few trained professionals to provided the services needed by a health conscious public.

To learn all about this Colorado institute, massage therapy classes and student services, simplyenter your information in the school's online request form. You will quickly receive a reply with answers to your important questions.

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