Anthem Career College - Memphis, Tennessee

One of the Tennessee massage schools that offer sports massage courses is the Anthem Career College in Memphis.

You'll attain your skills through their Memphis massage diploma program while learning from the professionals at one of the very best sports massage therapy schools. In addition, you'll gain a comprehensive knowledge of therapeutic massage including Swedish, deep tissue and chair massage, hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage and spa treatments.

You'll help your clients reconnect with their inner being, eliminate toxins, maintain and improve health; vitality and well-being plus sports massage can help improve performance. You'll become qualified to work in some very exciting places such as for a professional sports team, on cruise ships, at resorts, in hospitals and clinics and more. You'll learn everything you need to operate your own clinic.

With demands for trained professionals in sports massage growing every day, you'll want to be sure you reserve your place in this exciting, satisfying and lucrative future. Its easy to contact Anthem to learn about the upcoming classes because they fill up quickly!

Special Note: Anthem Career College is not curre ntly offering massage courses, but if you live in the Memphis area and would like to learn more about their other career courses, visit Anthem Career College in Memphis.

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