Helma Institute - Saddle Brooke, New Jersey

Are you looking for a NJ massage school?

One massage therapy school NJ offers, the Helma Institute in Saddle Brooke, NJ incorporates Shiatsu and sports massage schools into their training program. You'll graduate from Helma Institute ready to make a place for yourself in this exciting and lucrative field.

With a curriculum that incorporates the ancient Eastern and Western techniques into the most modern technologies, you'll learn Swedish massage, Shiatsu, prenatal and sport massage, trigger point therapy and more as well as all the body mechanics necessary to fully understand the human body and how it reacts to therapeutic body work modalities.

If you are searching for a life purpose career in the field of health and wellness be sure and take the first step by contacting the school directly so you can learn all the details. You will be one step closer to beginning your meaningful and gratifying career.

Special Note: Helma Institute is now closed:

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