Everest University in Orange Park, Florida

Learning bodywork at a Florida massage therapy school near Jacksonville can qualify you for exciting work helping people.

Everest University (formally Florida Metropolitan University) in Orange Park is a choice you will want to consider. The campus is conveniently located at 805 Wells Road, just south of Interstate 295 and accessible via Highway 17. This south-central location is an easy commute for anyone in the Jacksonville metropolitan area.

During your Florida massage training, you'll learn the modalities and treatments that will help you become successful in your future career. You'll also receive training in the business skills and ethics needed to participate in today's high tech workplaces.

These massage classes in Florida will allow you to learn the skills and knowledge of the art and science of massage that will allow you to apply for employment in spas, resorts, hospitals and many other places that need the services of well-trained, caring professional therapists.

Everest College is happy to provide you with no-obligation information regarding schedules, when and how to register, fees, student services, and any question to which you may need answers. Simply eneter your information and you can learn first hand if the Orange Park massage school is right for you.

Note: This Everest Campus no longer offers massage classes.
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