Everest University North Orlando Campus - Florida

Are you searching for the right FL massage therapy school?

Do you want to attend Florida massage training and enter this exciting natural health care industry as a trained professional?

Then you'll want to learn about Orlando massage therapy courses and training available at Everest College North Orlando Campus. You will find the campus located at: 5421 Diplomat Cir., Orlando North, FL 32810

Upon graduation, you'll enter this field with self-confidence and the ability to help your clients feel better. Pain relief, improved mobility, natural healing, a greater sense of well-being are only a few of the benefits your clients will seek. Because Everest University provides a blend of classroom learning and hands-on experience, you'll possess the precise skills needed to provide the services in a safe and effective manner.

You'll be able to open your own clinic or work in one of the many workplaces requiring therapists such as hotels, spas, resorts, cruise ships, doctor's and chiropractor's offices, hospitals and many more.

If you love working with people, you'll want to learn more about this satisfying career path. You can easily receive information directly from the school by contacting them directly. Simply enter your information and as a school rep is eager to provide answers to your many important questions.

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