Florida Career College - Lauderdale Lakes, Florida

One excellent and convenient massage therapy school in South Florida is Florida Career College in Lauderdale Lakes.

This is one of the best Florida massage therapy schools where you can receive massage classes and training to prepare you to become a success in this in-demand natural healthcare field.

Upon completion of this certificate program, you'll be prepared to own and operate a massage clinic of your own or work in one of the many exciting workplaces that require professional therapists.

You'll learn how to use your sense of touch and your knowledge of the human body to apply pressure in just the right place to relieve pain and speed the body's natural healing ability. Your clients will enjoy better circulation, lower blood pressure and release stress. Today, more than ever, people are finding that a combination of the ancient healing arts and modern techniques can provide a greater sense of well-being and abundant energy.

Note: This Campus no longer offers massage classes
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