Florida Career College - Clearwater, Florida

When you attend massage courses and training at one of the massage therapy schools in Florida, you'll prepare yourself for a satisfying and lucrative life purpose career.

Florida Career College in Clearwater is a school you will want to learn about. They are a well established professional Florida massage therapy school that offers their students a complete curriculum to begin a professional career in therapeutic massage.

Bodywork modalities are in great demand today as more people turn to alternative treatments. Blending the art and science of Eastern and Western medicine, you'll learn how to help your clients heal naturally as well as relax and enjoy improved circulation. The improved health offered by massage therapy allows the body's natural immune response to prevent illness. Many clients who have suffered pain and stiffness for years will enjoy a renewed vitality. This means that you will feel good about how your career benefits the lives of those you touch as well as enhances your life style and job security.

You can learn more about the Professional Massage Therapy program at the Clearwater campus by requesting information from the school. It is easy to do so by filling out request form. Just click on the following link and you will be one step closer to learning when the next classes begin.

Note: This Campus no longer offers massage classes
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