Concorde Career Institute - Jacksonville, Florida

You can train for a bright future by attending one of the North Florida massage therapist schools while having fun in the sun. Concorde Career Institute in Jacksonville might be the right school for your career preparation and skills development. You'll enjoy studying at the campus location of 7960 Arlington Expressway, only a few miles from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean beaches. Students from Cosmo, Greenfield, Larsen, Hogan and other communities nearby will find this location easy to access.

Massage training in Florida at CCI can be completed in as little as thirty-three weeks allowing you to quickly begin the licensure process and move on to employment performing truly meaningful work. As a professional therapist, you'll work closely with clients, using your hands to help their bodies heal naturally. People will seek your services to improve circulation, lower blood pressure, increase mobility, and recover from accident or injury and many other reasons.

This Florida massage school offers a broad spectrum of student services including assistance in locating the right employment after graduation. The professional instructors are caring and up-to-date. The facilities and equipment are modern and provide you the opportunity to learn using hands-on techniques.

Special Note: At this time Concored Career Institute is not offering a massage program.

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