Cincinnati School of Medical Massage

Learning an interesting, marketable skill at a massage therapy school in Cincinnati can lead you into an in-demand profession that you will love. The Cincinnati School of Medical Massage could be the perfect location for you to learn this healing art form.

You will find the Cincinnati campus at: 11256 Cornell Park Dr # 508, Cincinnati, OH 45242. This convenient location is perfect for your massage classes and training that will prepare you to enter an exciting world where trained therapists are in constant demand. Professional sports teams, people recovering from injury or surgery, as well as clients seeking a greater sense of well-being and relaxation will seek your service.

Upon obtaining your massage certification and professional credentials, you'll have the option of opening your own private practice or working for one of the many employers that will welcome you. You'll even have assistance finding the right job through the career placement services.

massage therapy practiceBecause therapeutic massage is such as rapidly growing field and medical massage offers you even more employment options, you'll never need to worry about earning a lucrative income. You'll also enjoy helping other people while gaining a deep satisfaction about a job well done.

Information is readily available directly from the school. You can have all your questions answered by requesting information through their online form. Simply enter your information and you will readily receive answers to your varied questions.

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