Northwestern College - Chicago, Illinois

Are you looking for one of the well-established massage therapy schools in Illinois?

You will find one of the best massage therapy courses Chicago offers at Northwestern College.

The Chicago campus is located in Jefferson Park at 4839 N. Milwaukee Avenue, at the corner of Laurence. It is only seven miles northwest from the Loop and public transit provides easy accessibility. By attending theses Chicago massage courses, you'll be fully prepared for a new, exciting career in massage therapy.

massage training sessionAt NWC you can earn a massage certificate which is designed to provide students with a foundation for beginning a career in the holistic healing field of wellness care.

A recent study by AMTA has shown that sixty-nine percent of all massages today are for medical reasons, relaxation, and stress reduction. Also, more and more people are turning toward holistic therapies to assist them in wellness care.

It's easy to learn more about a fulfilling career in the healing arts by attaining information directly from the school. Just enter your information and you will quickly receive back a reply answering your important questions.

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Massage Training Tips

Lighting a massage therapy room is important. Dimmer switches which are readily available from any home improvement store are inexpensive to install. When inviting the client into the massage session room, turn the lighting bright enough that the client can clearly see the cleanliness of the facility, see where to place their things and how to get to and from the changing room. Once you have positioned the client on the table, ask if they would like the lights dimmed. Most clients enjoy dimmer lighting during their relaxing massage while a few may prefer the brighter light. Remember, offering the client the environment that make them feel most comfortable will help them relax and get the most benefit from their therapy session.