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Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington, Connecticut

One big decision is choosing which of the massage schools in Connecticut to attend. Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in Newington focuses on massage teaching rather than providing a small program among many other curricula.

With a modern campus located at 75 Kitts Lane, between Brockett Street and Superior Avenue, the location is great for students commuting from surrounding areas like New Britain, East Farmington Heights, Wethersford and Elmwood. You will also find CCMT massage training at campuses in Groton Campus and Westport Campus.

As one of the respected Connecticut massage therapy schools, students learn hands-on how to practice the modalities of ancient and modern therapies and even spa treatments. Both basic and advanced training is available as well as day or evening classes.

By choosing massage courses in Connecticut, careers in spas, clinics and many professional workplaces are open to graduates. Work in this healthcare field is exciting and satisfying. Every day becomes a new delight for professionals with the calling for this in-demand work.

If you want to learn more about the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy simply click the following link and enter your information. You can request information for the Newington Campus, or one of the other campuses as well. This fine Connecticut massage school also offer classes at their Groton and Westport Campuses as well.

To learn more, click > Training at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy

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Develop a “Refer A Friend” program.

Ask your clients to refer their friends to your business. On your intake form, place a question about who referred them to your business or how they heard of you.

If an existing client referred a new customer, provide a special reward for the referring client such as a discount on their next massage or a discount on other products you market.

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