Kansas Massage Schools: Heritage Institute in Wichita

Massage therapy schools in Whitcita includes Heritage Institute, a well known massage college in Kansas. If you are wanting to get an OAS (Occupational Associate of Science) degree in therapeutic massage you can do so, or if you want to train in a shorter period of time you can earn a diploma in therapeutic massage.

Heritage has been educating students in the art and science of therapy and are proud of their progressive programs. This well-established institution employs a quality team of staff members. You will learn through lectures, theory, and hands-on application of skills.

This Kansas massage school provides comprehensive training in addition to the basic training program. You can further your expertise to the level you wish or, after working a few years in entry-level positions, you can continute learning to increase your earning ability.

Massage training in Kansas can be fun, challenging and interesting and lead to a life's work that is meaningful and fulfilling. There are few career paths that provide as much satisfaction, spiritual growth and happiness.

If you would like to learn more about this fine Wichita Massage school you can contact the school directly and request a tour to receive answers to all your questions.


Chair Massage TechniquesMassage Business Building Tips: Become a Recognized Expert

Become a well known expert in the field of massage therapy. You can give speeches about the benefits of massage at locations in your area. Or provide classes in small groups offering basic massage techniques that couples can perform on each other to help alleviate daily stress. Or you might wish to participate in charity events by offering discount rate chair massages with the proceeds going toward the charity and giving each patron one of your brochures. Make a goal to brand your name so that you are recognized in your community as the local expert massage therapist.

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