Career Training Academy TM - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg, PA is the location of CTA massage school in Pennsylvania where you can learn the art of massage.

When you learn therapeutic massage at the Career Training Academy TM in Pittsburg you'll be on your way to entering a new and exciting career field.

The massage therapy classes in Pennsylvania teach you all the basic techniques including offering you opportunity to develop your skills. What makes CTA different is the extensive real world experience you'll aquire through hands-on clinical use of your new skills performing Swedish, myotherapy and acupressure massage for real clients!

Using your trained sense of touch, you'll learn exactly the right pressure to apply to make your clients relax and allow their bodies to naturally heal. Your clients will enjoy more energy, better sleep, a feeling of well-being and lower blood pressure. There are many other ways therapeutic massage combines medicine and science with this sense of touch to improve health.

Contact the school and schdule a tour. This way they can help you understand if the Pittsburgh campus is the right choice for you. The staff is there to help you open the doorway to your new life as a professional massage therapist.

To learn more about the Pittsburg campus and available programs visit > Career Training Academy