Everest College in San Francisco, California

If you live in the bay area, you will be happy to learn about a well known Bay Area, California Massage School.

San Francisco offers Everest College, which is one of the solid massage schools in California. The campus is located at 814 Mission Street - 500, San Francisco, CA and easily located off Interstate 80.

At this well known San Francisco school you can graduate in less than 19 months with a full portfolio of skills to begin your career and become a success in the in-demand world of massage therapy. Many consider Everest College an excellent choice, perhaps on of the best of the massage schools California has to offer.

While studying at Everest College, you will develop a complete knowledge of anatomy along withphysiology and pathology related to soft tissue injury and treatment. You will also have in depth, supervised training in traditional Swedish massage, hydrotherapy, sports massage, and deep tissue massage. Then you will go on to learn chair massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and spa treatment. All of this education will l help you help your clients prevent injury and manage stress. After your 19 months of educational training you will leave Everest College ready to operate a massage therapy business if you choose to start your own business.

It is easy to inquire and learn about developing a satisfying and lucrative career in this high-demand field by contacting the college to receive answers to all your important questions. Simply enter your information and a school rep will promptly respond.

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