Miami-Jacobs Career College - Columbus, Ohio

Choosing which of the massage therapy schools in Ohio to attend can be a life-changing decision.

Your future success will be directly impacted by your choice.

Choose Ohio massage training that is comprehensive and has a proven track record of success. Miami-Jacobs has four campuses to choose from in Ohio state.

Miami-Jacobs Career College is a great place to attend Columbus massage courses. You will find this campus at: 150 E. Gay St., Columbus, Ohio 43215.

You'll learn through classroom time and hands-on clinical practice how to use the sense of touch to make a difference in the way the human body feels and functions.

Today more and more people are seeking the help of natural healing practitioners to avoid the high cost of traditional Western medicine. Even medical doctors and insurance companies are accepting that this form of health care can solve many problems much more effectively than medications or surgeries. In the past few years, the supply of trained professions has not been able to meet the demand. U.S. Department of Labor statistics indicate this trend will continue; within the next five years, up to thirty-five percent more therapists will be needed.

If you want to become part of this satisfying and lucrative future, you can get all the details quickly and easily by filling out the school's online request form.

Click here, to simply contact > Miami-Jacobs Career Collge in Columbus, Ohio.

(You can also visit learn about the other three Ohio campuses offering massage training: Sharronville, Springboro, or Troy)