Berks Technical Institute - Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Of the many massage schools, Pennsylvania offers one of the best in the Berks Technical Institute in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

Choosing among the many massage therapy schools can be a difficult task. By selecting Berks Technical Institute, you can complete your massage courses in 9 to 12 months. With day and evening classes available, you can schedule the training you need to begin a new and exciting career into your current schedule.

Wyomissing is a suburb of Reading, PA and offers the small town beauty and quiet lifestyle very conducive to study. With the small classes offered at BTI, you will receive the individual attention to ensure you learn the skills you need to become a success in the growing field of massage therapy.

massage training classesFinancial aid is available and the financial aid representatives at BTI will even help you apply for assistance if you are in need of a massage school loan or financial aid. At times we all need a little help getting started and their representives will help you should you qualify.

Why delay any longer? You can begin on the road to a lucrative, exciting and satisfying career by taking a moment to contact the massage institute through their online request form. You will quickly receive a reply and answers to you very important questions.

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