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Baltimore School of Massage - Linthicum-Baltimore, Maryland

One of the best massage therapy schools in Maryland, the Baltimore School of Massage located in Linthicum-Baltimore, Maryland lives up to their motto "Shaping Lives Through Knowledge". The campus is easily found at: 517 Progress Drive, Suite A-L, Linthicum, MD.

This fine massage school is part of the Steiner Education Group which operates spas and salons on 130 cruise ships, and in 54 resort spas and 2 luxury day spas. They actually recruit practitioners directly from The Baltimore School of Massage. Many of the schools graduates end up working for some of the top spa industry employers in the nation.

The courses they offer are unique, as students learn to blend physical fitness and spa modalities in their course studies and these health-related fitness components, when experienced together help students develop a well-rounded skill base.

spa massage trainingYou'll find that natural healing techniques such as massage therapy and bodywork have become more popular as the medical field begins to recognize that all symptoms shouldn't be treated with drugs and medication. The massage therapist can change a person's life from one of pain and suffering to one of health and vibrancy in many cases, and at a much lower risk and cost to the patient.

You can make a difference in people's lives by getting the training needed to become a therapeutic massage therapist. You can enter a field where you are truly needed after completing your massage training.

To determine if this is the right school you can easily request information by entering your information upon clicking the provided link below. This way you will be one step closer to receiving answers to your many important questions. Lean about the differences between the Massage Therapy and Spa Training versus Massage Therapy and Physical Fitness, or even their Shiatsu and Asian Bodywork Courses.

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