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Institute of Beauty and Massage - San Antonio, Texas

Are you looking for a Texas massage school? More specifically, do you want to attend a San Antonio school of massage? Then you need to know about the Institute of Beauty and Massage located in San Antonio, Texas.

This Texas massage institute offers specialized massage therapy courses, which ensures you'll find a program which meets your needs perfectly. Their new Clark Comprehensive 500-hour program provides the hands-on training and individual attention to help students excel, you will learn all the skills required to become a success in the growing field of massage therapy.

The Specialization Certification™ Program allows you to choose a specific direction to focus your studies. Depending on your interests you can choose between Spa Massage, Sports Massage, Infant and Prenatal Massage, or Clinical Pain Management. The four areas are growing fields in holistic treatments for health and wellness. By specializing your skills you will find your education targets positions within your chosen area.

With so many professional jobs being outsourced to other countries, you can count on the field of massage therapy as a stable career direction that you can grow with into the future. Needed by doctors, hospitals, gyms, cruise lines, spas, sports teams and birthing centers, and more, you'll find employment easy to find when you become a qualified massage therapist in this well recognized and growing field.

It is easy to receive the information you need get all your questions answered about this special massage educational program. Whether you are just beginning to train for a first career or want to develop a skill to allow you to pursue a better career than you have today, you can accomplish this right in San Antonio Texas.