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Anthem College Online - A Division of High-Tech Institute-Phoenix

Massage schools online aren't practical for preparing a person from start-to-finish for a therapeutic massage career.

They offer a program to give you the flexibility to continue your training. Anthem College Online is designed to provide students with some hands on experience with a diploma in this natural health field and a chance to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree, improving skills, and earning power.

Online massage therapy schools offer allow you to study during hours that fit your busy life. There is no need to quit your job in order to obtain further education. Work online during the hours that fit into your schedule and complete the work at your own pace.

Online massage training is best for a person that has the self-discipline to be a self-starter and avoid procrastination. ACO provides a great deal of student support to ensure their success if they work hard toward their goals. Some people believe that online learning doesn't provide as thorough of an education. However, for people that enjoy working online and are dedicated to their goals, it can be the perfect learning vehicle.


Massage Training Tip

senior massageChoose Massage Tables with Clients in Mind

In your massage therapy business, you will encounter clients that range from very short and petite to very tall. Clients come in all sizes and weights. Choose a massage table that is extra wide and long with added reinforcement so that large clients will feel comfortable.

Always keep a small step stool in the massage room for the petite client to help them get onto the table and be there to provide assistance when they are getting up or down from the table. Be especially careful when elderly clients are mounting the table or getting down from it and check to ensurethey are steadfast on their feet before walking away from the massage table.

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