Massage Techniques to Aid Digestion

By Amy Roberts

For the past few articles I have been sharing massage therapy marketing and advertising tips but I yet to share information on massage techniques. A friend gave me a suggestion to write this topic and I thought it was a great idea.

Have you ever had a massage client that schedules an appoint for a massage and complains about digestion but doesn’t really know how to address the problem? Its common knowledge that massage therapy is helpful to achieve energy flow to the abdominal region which helps to alleviate pain and discomfort. But are there practices beyond Swedish massage techniques that can help our clients?

When I was studying massage for the first time I was taught a number of powerful points on the body combining massage techniques and digestion support. I began using a combination of acupressure and Swedish massage. First I worked on the abdomen to relieve digestion pain and discomfort and I followed that by working on other acupressure points to stimulate the energy to the area. The wonderful benefit of this massage technique is it applies gentle pressure to the digestion/stomach points whilst creating a great sense of relaxation and calmness for the client. You can combine the acupressure points in with your Swedish effleurage techniques. Do so gently at first then ask the client if its okay to hold the pressure for a bit until that point releases the pain. When the client’s pain is relieved from this point you will known the blockage is clear from the energy point. This approach gives the body opportunity to more readily begin healing whatever causation was the problem and also supports greater well-being.

If you look on an acupressure chart you will find several points relating to the digestion and stomach. Let’s take the legs for example. There is a acupressure point where you can simply apply some firm pressure in the form of ‘digipressure’ or firm Swedish massage “stomach 36” if your client does not mind. You’ll find this point four finger-widths below the kneecap outside the shinbone. You can create this effective technique on both legs. This point is commonly referred to as ‘Zusanli’ or Stomach 36. It’s one of the most frequently used of all acupuncture points.

You can also use reflexology chart points as a massage technique to aid digestion. By offering to do a relaxing foot massage at the end of the massage therapy treatment you can gently work with your thumbs on the reflexology points to stimulate the energy flow to the digestion. This is a nice way to conclude your client’s session.

Massage techniques and digestion support for your clients also shows your clients your versatility and gives you more healing modalities to add to your skill base. As you incorporate other modalities into your massage business you will be able to help clients through your massage treatment session and they will appreciate your willingness to work with their health needs.

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