Vedic Astrology in Indian Gemstone Jewelry: Remedy for Manghal – Mars

Gemstones and jewelry based on Indian Vedic astrology is a great way to balance the effects of Manghal. The Vedic interpretation of Mars is quite different than that of Western Astrology. Vedic Astrology describes Mars as a malefic of the first degree ruling everything from violence to accidents and sudden unexpected deaths. Mars can be ruthless and extremely cruel in the way he returns karma. Propitiating him with a gemstone to reduce his effect is highly recommended. However, caution must be used as will be discussed below. Below you will learn some of the general information on Mars followed by a discuss on a specific gemstone remedy.


In Indian Astrology the Mars association with battle and war is well known and has been a common affiliation since the earliest parts of human history. Mars has a very angry temperament and is quick to violence and cruel in its execution. Mars is known to strike down those who are arrogant and refuse to approach him with proper humility.

Mars is considered to rule blood, muscles and the bone marrow. He has a special affiliation with disease and his worship has been known to cure illness. Debt is another area of his influence and those who seek relief are advised to worship him with humility.

The Mars native is lustful, resourceful, energetic, adventurous, wrathful, inconstant and overflowing with power and strength. Mars bestows an excess of vitality making the native very resistant to illness and obstacles of all type.

The Monkey, Jackal and Ram are all considered affiliated with Mars as are certain birds such as the Chicken, Vultures and most of the birds of prey such as the Hawk and Eagle. Red Lentils are known to be the food associated with Mars and it is not surprising that Ancient Rome celebrated certain holy days by eating such food.


Aara, Vakra, Maheeja, Rudhira, Rakta, Angaraka, Krudradrik, Mangal, Mangala, Manghal. Manghal is the most common name used in Vedic literature. Legend has it that he was born near Ujjayini on the banks of the Kshipra river in India.


Mars represents boldness and bravery and as such he is naturally affiliated with soldiers and other martial elements. In fact, the name “martial” is derived from him. Mars also represents land, brothers and sisters, chemists, fire, anger and surgery. Mars is known for a long and abiding anger that never ceases.

Drought and fire is commonly his realm of influence and there is reason to believe that the moniker “King of Beasts” was first applied to him. There is also some evidence that sacrifice in ancient times was especially linked to the worship of Mars. Comets also seem to be representative of Mars in most traditional literature. There is also some connection to the Pleiades, which was called Kartikeya in Vedic times.


In Indian Astrology Mars is usually associated with the gods Skanda and Kartikeya. An ancient legend of his birth from Shiva’s wrath designates him as Virabhadra.

The direction South is considered ruled by Mars with little exception.

Mars is considered a Deva by affiliation.

The year of maturity for Mars is 28 years.

The signs Aries and Scorpio are considered under the rule of Mars while his fall is in the sign Cancer.

Most sources agree that Mars is a malefic of first order behind only Saturn.

Mars rules Tuesday and the month of March.

Red is the color associated with Mars and Brass is his metal.

The planets Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all considered friendly toward Mars while his enemy is Mercury. Venus and Saturn are neutral.

Fire is considered the primary element of Mars. However, there is a great deal of affiliation with the Earth in most classic texts.

Mars is considered to have a Pitta constitution for purposes of Ayurvedic medicine.


Fire, chemistry, disasters, drought, dryness, bleeding, accidents, violence, ambition, pride, rebellion, aggression, all things military, war, brothers, determination, resolve, resiliency, stubbornness, chivalry, competition, enemies, courage, daring, passion, impulsiveness, engineers, intolerance, lack of patience, manliness, males in general, work, land, self confidence, insubordination, muscles, strength, disease, productivity, police, army, rescues, comets, homicide, sacrifice, murder.


Wearing the gemstone of Mars should be considered carefully because of his association with accidents and other potential afflictions. In most cases a gem will help alleviate this but there are exceptions.

Overall wearing a gemstone remedy for Mars provides one with energy and motivation and gives one courage to act. However, if someone who already has anger issues pursues such a remedy it can easily lead to even more outbursts and possibly violence.

The traditional gemstone for Mars is Red Coral which should be set in a Brass pendant or ring. There are alternative stones, which have been known to work. These additional stones are: Pink Coral, Red Agate and Jasper.

A gemstones and jewelry remedy based on the Vedic system for Mars can influence ulcers and other conditions of excess heat or dryness. It can also help to alleviate accidents, legal problems, conflicts, difficulties with siblings, lack of courage, anger, irritability, haste, foolhardiness, inconstancy, lack of drive, obsession and impotence.

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