Awaken Your Spirit: Your Everpresent Divine Guidance

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

Some years ago, I was working on a project with a friend. However, it wasn't working out for me and I needed to end the collaboration. Her vision was taking the project in one direction, and mine was taking it in another. I didn't see her for several weeks, and knew that I would have to be honest with her at our next meeting. During that period, I kept affirming that the right opportunity would present itself for me to speak out, and that I would be Divinely Guided as to what to say, and how to say it for both our goods. I was very nervous, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

When we met, everything worked out beautifully. She said something that led to a discussion about how we had different visions, and that our paths had diverged. I was able to end the association while remaining calm, cool and relaxed. Not my normal response to a confrontation. My affirmation of guidance worked like a dream.

You're receiving guidance from your Spirit or Higher Source all the time. All you have to do is be open to listening to it. But it takes practice because your individualized use of Divine Mind has different functions. After analyzing information, the conscious mind passes the data to the subconscious to process and store. Your subconscious mind forms an interface between your conscious and Superconscious. The Superconscious, God, Spirit, the Universe, is always pouring guidance into your subconscious. However, the subconscious tends to filter out the guidance when you're not listening. And the conscious mind generally has its attention elsewhere, trying to "fix" a situation all by itself, without realizing that the Superconscious already has it resolved.

When you affirm that you are receiving spiritual guidance, and quiet yourself to listen to that still, small voice, you will be able to sense it. It's always there, above the chatter of the conscious mind and the emotions of the subconscious. The more you listen and follow it, the more accurate your guidance will become. You have to train yourself, just like you do with any latent talent.

I didn't want to force the confrontation with my friend. When I opened to Higher direction with an awakened spirit, all I had to do was follow the path that was laid out for me. I let the Universe open the door, and I simply walked through it.

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