Self Empowerment: How to Create Good in Your Life - Part 4

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

The Universe, our superconscious mind, always says "yes" to us. It wants to empower us to have happy, healthy, satisfying lives. Our superconscious is constantly pouring good into our lives, to the extent that we can accept. The Good that It pours into our lives is Its Divine energy in form. Since It is pure love, It gives us whatever we ask for. Its molten beauty flows into the mold that our conscious mind has imprinted into our subconscious by our attention. That Divine energy solidifies into a physical manifestation of health, prosperity, a better job, etc. The superconscious mind creates whatever our vision is. When we're skating along, we look where we want to go. If we look off to the right and stare, we'll automatically begin to skate in that direction.

Our thoughts are things. Every thought is a biochemical impulse. Energy. The strongest thoughts create the strongest impressions on our mental atmosphere. The energy impulses form clusters, creating attitudes. By having the same thoughts over and over, they produce a groove in our psyche, like a rut in a road. Whenever we drive down that road, the tires roll into the rut. The energy of our thoughts design our beliefs and attitudes, the ruts, and then attract conditions that verify those expectations. Someone who anticipates being judged will view every comment as criticism. "You look nice." "What do you mean by that?"

Everything is simply energy, from the beginning thought to the physical manifestation of that thought. Thoughts create, thoughts can change. You don't create. Your conscious mind makes a decision for something better, attaches an emotion with it, maintains your focus on your choice. That impresses the subconscious, the receptive mind. The subconscious gives a pattern to the superconscious to follow with Its Divine energy. The result is better health, more prosperity, better relationships, success, whatever your focus is. If your attention is fear, being afraid you'll get what you don't want, that's what you'll get. The subconscious mind doesn't discriminate, giving a shape only to what we consciously want. Energy is energy. The superconscious simply follows where we lead.

The superconscious, Divine energy, makes up everything in our lives. The chair you sit on, the job you hold, the creativity you have, the money in our pocket, all is energy. They all began with your thought, your attention, your expectation, your trust in the pattern you selected, whether great or not so great. The superconscious is always giving us good. It pushes good to us. We have to work very hard not to accept it. When we're in fear and darkness, refusing to look at the light, we cannot recognize that everything around us is simply the illusions of shadows. All you need to do to improve and demonstrate self empowerment in your life is to choose differently, and trust that it is being made manifest right now. And it will be done.

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