Mantras: Empowerment for Releasing the Essence of Fear

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

Have you ever been afraid that something was going to happen, and when it did, said, "I knew it?" In the past, when I became fearful that my income wouldn't meet my bills, that's exactly what happened.

A client of mine said that she was afraid to say "no" to anyone in her life. Because of her past experiences, she was frightened that they'd reject her if she declined to do what they requested.

Fear tends to be one of the basic emotions that repels our good. It's been said the FEAR stands for "False Evidence Appearing Real." Even though what we are afraid of may not have any validity, we still believe it. Like a child who is terrified of the monster in the closet. The monster isn't real, but to the child, it is. So she operates on the premise that there's something dangerous behind her closet door.

Although it's created of the same essence, fear is faith twisted in on itself. To the Universe, fear is simply the other side of the coin from faith. Faith is a belief in a Higher Power, and that the Divine wishes the best for us. Because we're confident that what we desire is already ours, we create a channel for the Power to flow into our lives.

Fear blocks the Power, much like a dam obstructs the flow of water. Oddly enough, fear is actually having faith that the worst will happen. When we're afraid that we won't receive enough money to cover the bills, then we are trusting in that situation happening. We create the channel for the Power to flow into that belief. The subconscious is simply following the energy of our conviction.

As I learned to trust that the Universe would supply enough money to meet my needs, the income manifested. The financial support may have come from unexpected directions, but it did flow into my life. After my client's confidence grew, she began to say "no" to unreasonable demands on her time. She discovered that rather than being rejected, people actually respected her position.

For empowerment transform the energy you have invested in fear into faith. Make a mantra of positive affirmations that remind you that the Universe wants the best for you. And then, when it takes place, you can say, "I knew it!"

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