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Visualize Success for a Happy Life

Such a simple little thing, but it can make such a very big difference in our lives. If we take just a moment, two or three times a day to create an image of ourselves experiencing success, we shall have a greater life than ever before.

Do you want a promotion at work? Picture yourself standing in front of your boss, accepting the offer of the new job, with higher pay and extra perks. See the color of the walls, smell the scent of the wooden desk, feel the texture of his/her hand as you shake on the deal.

Perhaps you feel that you don't visualize well. Choose a portion of the image that has particular significance to you. Perhaps seeing the handshake is what means that promotion for you. Construct the image in your mind. See your hand gripping your boss's hand. Practice that and fill in other parts of the image as you improve at it. You may only be able to hold the image for a second or two at first. That's alright.

Maybe you'd like to see an improvement in your health. Okay, then see it. Imagine yourself feeling toned and fit. See all the systems in your body working perfectly, and feeling wonderful. It may help if you visualize yourself doing something that you wouldn't normally do if you were feeling poorly. Perhaps you'll be dancing or mountain climbing or eating a spicy taco.

It can occur when we're doing positive visualizations that negative thoughts can spring up. That's alright as long as you don't wallow in them. Instead, imagine a large red rubber stamp that says "CANCEL" and smash it across that negative thought. Try to do this everytime a thought comes up that seems to counter your positive visualization.

Do you have certain life situations that always feel difficult or trying for you? Possibly being with your parents or entering an unfamiliar social situation can tie your stomach in knots. What would it be like to experience those conditions feeling very calm, serene and confident? You can. Experience just these feelings in your imagery. Find a new sense of balance and harmony in any relationship by letting yourself visualize the positive outcome of it.

Visualizing for success is an important part of any New Year's program of resolutions or goal-setting. Give yourself the opportunity to make this year work especially well for you.