Saturn and Neptune: A Reality Check in Higher Consciousness and Practicality

What do we do if our reality check bounces?

The delicate balance between higher states of consciousness and the practical matters of day to day living sometimes becomes a problem for the person who straddles both worlds. Astrologically, this situation is often defined by the energies of Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is about structure, consensual reality and tradition. Neptune defines dreams, intuition and mysticism. Saturn builds and Neptune dissolves. However, in metaphysics we look for integration of all facets of reality, seeking how they unify.

It's all too easy to have grave doubts about our perception because there's such an apparent difference between what we may perceive in our heart, and what the "outside world" says is reality. Oddly enough, Saturn is also about time, and frequently there's a time lag before manifestation occurs. If our belief in ourselves is at all precarious, this lag can reinforce our doubts.

Since the apparent strength of consensual reality is well ingrained in most of us, we may find ourselves open to scepticism, both our own and what we may attract to ourselves from the environment. The power of our attitude is so strong, that we will manifest whatever we expect. If we expect disbelief, that's what we'll get. This is the cycle of causation in manifestation. Our personal doubts occur first, and then we attract people or situations to confirm it. The solution isn't to give up our beliefs or to argue with the sceptics, but to use the power of Saturn to solidify our reality.

This is done by releasing our own schism of apparent inconsistency between our perceptions and what is occurring in daily life. It requires the assumption that this daily reality is an exact representation of our inner beliefs. This can be tough, especially if we're feeling victimized by our environment since no one wants to feel bad. Interestingly enough though, we may expect to feel bad and the expectation is then manifested. Even beyond this, we need to take the credit for creating our reality. The more deeply we can do this, the more directly our outer reality will reflect our inner desires.

My experience has shown that this is a progressive activity. The more consistency we can demonstrate to ourselves of trusting our inner reality, the firmer it becomes. This is also Saturn in action. We're building an inner structure and hopefully we employ our best construction techniques. A cracked foundation or inadequate framing of the walls can cause our structure to fall down around our ears. So, we need to take the time and care to really get clear about our beliefs, shoring them up through inspirational reading, meditation and good teachers. We can practice our craft incessantly, honing and purifying our technique.

Eastern philosphies often teach that it can take many lifetimes to achieve the necessary strength of mind to accomplish this. Our western mentality finds this difficult to accept and, at the other end of the spectrum may expect that enlightenment will occur with the same speed as our fast-food order. This can be deeply disappointing if it doesn't pan out that way. In my opinion, there is a balance which should be struck. Patience however, is a requirement. Desperation and a frantic need to make it happen all at once, is a clear mark of inner doubt and patience is it's opposite. Manifestation of our inner reality needn't be a life-long endeavor but should certainly come from inner calm.

Both Saturn and Neptune represent important facets of our psyche, and we really can't afford to neglect either one. Inner wholeness occurs when we find the meeting ground of the two, understanding their interdependence in our lifes.