Human Evolution: The Secrets of the Psyche

As humanity evolves it seems that our next step is in understanding our own mental processes. At this stage of our human evolution and development, where a great deal of mental mapping has taken place, the danger exists of over-categorizing ourselves. This is not to say that many of the new diagnoses are invalid or that they cannot alleviate a great deal of suffering. Instead, I suggest that we mustn't believe that we already know all that there is to know about the functions and capabilities of the human mind.

As a counselor I've worked with quite a few people who have special capabilities of mind, such as clairvoyance or the ability to channel. These folks have their own set of challenges in this life and have often been mis-diagnosed for ailments that didn't exist. Although we may not all exhibit the various forms of extra-sensory perception, there is no doubt that they exist latently within every human being. It is to our benefit to learn what these might be for ourselves and how they may be affecting our lives.

A fairly typical example of this is precognition, or the ability to see the future. Many people have hunches or intuitions regarding their immediate future and are able to trust them. Far more people though, will develop fierce inner conflicts about such knowledge, fighting it or trying to rationalize it away. As with any conflict of the psyche, this is unhealthy and can lead to other disturbances.

Whatever abilities we may have, they will necessarily impact our lives. In metaphysics we assume that each of us has constant, if unconscious access to the source of all knowledge. This could be considered a working hypothesis, since employing this assumption in metaphysical work produces demonstrable results. This is how we can say that each of us creates our own reality. At a deeper (or higher) level of consciousness we are setting up our lives to be what we expect or believe they should be. At this level, we know what our destiny is and how to create it.

Unfortunately, knowing these things on an unconscious basis isn't very helpful in real-life, in daily reality terms. It becomes necessary to bring this understanding to consciousness and to utilize it with self-awareness and understanding. One of the reasons for this is that if we are employing metaphysical techniques to alter our reality such as visualizations or affirmations, we need to know if we are blocking our own way. This happens with a dismaying frequency, particularly if we are caught up in the idea that the only aspect of mind that could affect us is the conscious, egoic part of the psyche. In metaphysical terms, this is the "smallest" portion of the the total Self. Our unconscious mind is recording every perception we possess of our environment, every second of every day, all of our lives. Our subconscious mind is reacting to specific emotional stimuli based on early conditioning and traumas. Our superconscious is directing our experience on the physical plane, having access to all of the other information plus, most likely, even more that we cannot now conceive of.

This is a lot to have going on within the "confines" of one human being. We're told that we use less than 10% of our brains. Perhaps working with these other factors is what the other 90% is designed for. As I mentioned above, there are many areas of the psyche which have been mapped out. There's a whole lot more that haven't been. These "unknown" areas are the ones in which we must take responsibility for exploring on our own.

Although medical, psychological and parapsychological categories can be helpful, we will find areas of ourselves and our psyches which don't properly fit into these niches. This is when we must bypass other's judgements of us (no matter how authoritative) and come to our own conclusions as to what makes us tick. As we do this we gain a greater sense of wholeness and organic personal reality. This is healthy and natural, as we create ourselves without editing according to another's dictates. Exploring the secrets of our own psyche can be a remarkably fulfilling and constructive activity, giving us strength and a higher capacity for a unique spiritual experience as we humans evolve.