The Magic of Perception: What you Perceive effects your Reality

Perception is one's ability to sense, visually or otherwise, what is going on in the environment. We're already familiar with how our mental attitude can be altered from perceiving something around us. What is very special about this is that perception can alter in accordance with mental attitude. So instead of talking about extra sensory perceptions, let's discuss our general life perceptions.

Perception of the same life situation can be a wonderful joy or a terrible hardship. This is because our mental attitude provides a filter to the senses, coloring them in accordance with our beliefs. This may seem very elementary, something that we have known all of our lives. So, where is the magic in this?

The magic has to do with the fact that our power of choice can be exercised in assuming the attitude which we prefer. As we choose to perceive from a particular perspective, we actually can alter that which is being perceived. This is a documented fact in particle physics. Albert Einstein showed us that matter is actually energy, densely compacted, but energy nonetheless. All of the energy around us is affected by the way that we perceive it! This was quite a problem to early particle researchers, because there was no way to "accurately" predict whether atomic components would show up as particle or as waves. It was utterly dependent upon who was doing the observing and how they felt that the situation would be. Thus, the energy that composes "matter" as we know it, is directly affected by the perception of the person viewing it.

How are you viewing your life? Do you see it as a glorious adventure, unfolding new joys and lessons every day? Or is it a tedious and gruesome effort, something you must struggle through in order to make to the next day when you will do the same thing again? How is your perception of your life creating a self-fulfilling prophecy?

There are games wherein you can let your eyes unfocus and something new will show up in an image. If we were to let go of an accustomed "focus" in our lives and be willing to see in a slightly different fashion, what might we find?