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Finding More Meaning in Your Life

When life seems shallow, bland or merely repetitive...

Too often in life we find ourselves going through daily motions which are pointless to us. For every individual the definition of "pointless" will vary, but we're looking at what it means to you.

What this generally signifies is that we've lost touch with what we're here on this earth to do. This is because when we're connected with our "Life Purpose" every activity holds interest and passion. This doesn't mean that everyone should go out and be Mother Theresa, but that we should know the pursuit which makes us more complete, more whole, more in touch with ourselves and loving life.

Indications of what your life purpose is can be found in your astrology chart. Most frequently that purpose is a dream you've given up on.

There is a vital point to remember here though, achieving the dream isn't the point, holding it and working toward it is. Also, we may forget who's dream we're trying to spend our life on and this can come in a variety of packages.

A parent's dream for us

A loved one's dream for themselves

Society's expectations for us

Whoever's idea it was, it simply isn't worth it, unless your dream is to sacrifice yourself for someone/something else. You will never be able to fulfill someone else's expectation of you because it's not possible to fully comprehend what they want with all the nuances of attitude and emotion they have tied up in it.

Your personal dream is valuable to you and to the rest of the world as the unique expression of selfhood that you have to offer.