Meditation Technique: Guided Meditation for Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace, serenity and tranquility are concepts which can be addressed from a different perspective in metaphysics. This is because in metaphysics one can participate in the creation of their personal reality. Reality creation of inner states of being is very definitely achievable through this practice, no matter what the outward circumstances may be. Fortunately, through the use of metaphysics, one can alter the outward circumstances as well.

Visualization, affirmations and directed meditation are the primary tools of the metaphysician. Each of these are very effective in altering one's own state of consciousness, such as in the development of tranquility. Like every other metaphysical treatment, it requires an active and creative imagination. In the establishment of an inner state of being, one must be able to conjure up some idea of what that state feels like. Depending upon your orientation, you may need to know what it would look like, or sound like. Some sort of conceptual understanding is necessary in order to bring the new state into manifestation. Here is a simple guide for ease of effectiveness of metaphysical treatment styles, depending on the way you personally conceptualize.

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Technique using directed Meditation

If you're able to get a clear idea of what inner peace means to you, then you're ready to experience it. This is the essence of metaphysics. Through the use of your affirmation, meditation and/or visualization, you then make a conscious choice. The choice is to have this experience of inner peace right now. The action is to project yourself into that affirmation, meditation or visualization to get the sense that it really is happening right now. The point is to get yourself to believe it, if only for a moment. If you can do that, you're doing it right. From here on, all it takes is practice.

I sometimes view this technique as a form of personal time travel. It's pretty easy to assume that sooner or later, we're each going to achieve our inner goals, whether it's now or 3 lifetimes from now. Using metaphysics, we can experience this state of being in the present. By understanding who we can be, we can change who we are. Students of Raja Yoga may be familiar with this perspective.

Inner peace isn't the only state of consciousness which can be elevated or enhanced. What if you are stuck in an apparently unresolvable problem or situation? The same technique can be used to achieve a sense of resolution, or knowing. This can be extremely effective if you just assume that the answer is within you. Again, an affirmation, meditation or visualization of what it would be like to know the best answer to the issue confronting you, will achieve this state of knowing.

When dealing with varying states of consciousness in metaphysics it's important to have an idea of what you're aiming towards. "Enlightenment" as a goal is a worthy one, but not very specific. As an example, perhaps you want to cultivate a more loving, forgiving attitude. This would involve getting clear with yourself about what this is like. What would your life look like if you were this way all the time? Perhaps there would be an expanded perspective of life, wherein the petty hurts of life would be insignificant to you. Possibly your ability to understand others to the degree that your compassion for them outweighed personal considerations. These are elements which could be included into your metaphysical treatment.

This can also be helpful in getting past a deep hurt or trauma. Again, one must imagine that the situation is fully and completely healed. What would life be like if you were no longer haunted by this difficulty? Cultivate an understanding of yourself, free from this pain. This image or understanding is what you would use in your treatment activities.

If you only want to escape or deny a current unpleasantness in your life, I don't recommend this technique. This works as an evolutionary accelerator, progressing one through the necessary changes to achieve a different state. It doesn't help in avoiding these changes. Very solid and stable gain can be made in utilizing this technique and if you have an interest in dealing with core beliefs which may be hindering you, this is a way to go about it.