Power of Positive Thinking: Your Right to Happiness

There is no good reason that you should not be happy. It doesn't matter how little you may feel that you don't deserve it, or that you think someone or something is denying it from you, you still ought to be happy. There is little point in a life where happiness isn't a legitimate objective and if we are honest with ourselves, everything that we do has some form of happiness as the ultimate aim.

Frequently, happiness comes in the form of some sort of success. This means that we have achieved an objective, met a goal and overcome challenges. Another gauge of happiness is how loved we feel. For someone else, happiness may take the form of a desired level of personal security.

Metaphysically though, we must look at happiness as being a state of mind. This tends to shed a great deal of the mystique from the idea, but there it is. And, as metaphysicians we know that we have power and control over our mental states. This isn't quite as cold and analytical as it may first appear.

The experienced metaphysician understands that his/her mental activity is limited unless partnered with their Higher Power. Without this, mental force is involved and strenuous acts of will. Although these may have their place in some belief systems, they are unnecessary and even counter-productive in metaphysics.

This is where our right to happiness comes in. As children of a benevolent Creator, we are automatic inheritors of all the good there is. Who or what is going to deny this right bestowed on us from an omnipotent being?

So, we have the right to happiness. Therefore, why aren't we assuming a happy state of mind?

It seems that the major reason that we don't just accept a happy state of mind is because of conditional expectations. "I'll be happy once I get all of my bills paid." "Happiness will be mine when I find my soulmate." "I can't be happy until this is done."

Does any of this sound familiar? We just flat out won't allow ourselves to be happy until our conditions are met, and have convinced ourselves that these external conditions are going to be the cause of our happiness.


We all know of the miserable millionaire, the frustrated, though deeply in love spouse and the successful yet horribly tense executive. Their conditions were met, and perhaps temporarily, they were happy. It didn't last. That's because they were placing the responsibility for their happiness upon circumstances outside of themselves. Circumstances over which they had little or no control. Circumstances which could not keep up with the changing needs and requirements of the evolving human soul.

It leaves us to fall upon our own, inner devices. Such as deciding to be happy for no good reason at all. We can choose to be happy in our own skins, in our lives, with circumstances the way they are right here and now. We can let go of stress, fear, anger and hopelessness and choose happiness.

One of the most pathetic things I hear from a variety of people is, "I can't be happy while _____ (fill in the blank)" I'm sorry, but I just don't buy this. When we are being honest with ourselves, we know that we can decide to assume a happy perspective on life. There may be times when we truly don't want to be happy. If so, it is wise to be truthful about it. If you have recently lost a loved one, then it's okay to not choose happiness for awhile.

Perhaps this doesn't cause us adequate suffering. Maybe we "ought" to work harder, be sadder and feel more miserable before we can give ourselves permission to feel good.

If we should decide that these "oughts" are not really necessary, then a remarkable thing will happen. If we should choose happiness, practice feeling happy, letting go of our daily complaints to anyone who will listen to us, berating God, and all the other myriad activities we indulge in to remind ourselves to be miserable, life will certainly begin to improve. This is a metaphysical truism. Think positively, feel happy, indulge in your creative, enthusiastic activities and you will inevitably draw more of the same into your life.

Happiness is a right and a choice. Allow it a place in your life.