Positive Thinking: The Attitude of Certainty

In metaphysical reality creation, there is one attitude that's more constructive than any other. This is the attitude of certainty. Since all manifestation depends on our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves and about life, this is vital.

Certainty seems to be the psycho-spiritual equivilant of mundane materiality. This is the bedrock of belief on which we decide the nature of reality. When we are certain about something, that is our reality and reality performs in an expected way, based on that. The deeper the certainty, the greater the effect upon surrounding conditions.

Each of us is capable of consciously generating a sense of certainty within ourselves if we choose to. This choice is usually diluted by fear of believing something that may not be true, or making a mistake. We are frequently faced with this sort of situation as metaphysicians, since we are trying to make ourselves believe something that is currently outside of our belief system! In order to make it work we must use persuasion on ourselves, or talk us into it. Certainty is a level of belief. In order to achieve manifestation, bedrock certainty sure doesn't hurt.

There are some people who refuse to accept any level of certainty at all. These are the uncommitted ones, those who stay on the fence, don't rock the boat and "don't want to get involved". That's okay for them. Personal passion is not a lifestyle choice. A metaphysician however, tends to be very passionate about life. The excitement, wonder and mystery of playing games with the Universal Consciousness is irresitable. Passion is part of it. Certainty can involve a type of passion as well. It involves more of the Self than being a disinterested bystander does. We are saying, "I know for a fact that the Universal Consciousness responds to my thoughts and I choose to think the thoughts that will help me to achieve my goals."

When we cultivate certainty into our metaphysical work, we will manifest those desires with far greater ease than if we are "struggling to believe". Take the risk and let yourself know with certainty that life is good and that you can experience your dreams in the here and now.