Bill Clinton - A Metaphysical Healing

The United States

Our Country has had significant problems with sexuality since it's inception. These problems have become major social and political issues, creating more tension with each succeeding decade. As a nation we are obsessed with our own and others sexuality, simultaneously hating it as a quality within ourselves. If our sexuality were a child, it would show itself to have been severely abused.

As a people, it is time for us to allow this misunderstood offspring of our humanity to come out into the light and be healed. Do we really have to "hate it harder" when the living symbol of who we are as a group or culture exposes this part of himself in all his woundedness?

Metaphysically and occultly, President Clinton symbolizes who we believe ourselves to be. How actively must we be in denial of our true selves? How much energy do we continue putting into hiding that away in the dark and then having expose itself as ugly because of it's confinement and abuse?

I suggest that this is no longer necessary because enough of the American population has come to some sort of terms with their sexuality in a rational fashion. If we can allow ourselves to "come out of the closet" and confess that we're not as repressed as may be "socially acceptable", a cultural healing can occur.

The First Family

President Clinton, the First Lady and their family have been deeply embarassed in public. I have been in on counseling efforts in similar situations; with ministers, therapists and business leaders. My personal opinion is that sexual compulsions are an occupational hazard for an individual who is supposed to maintain an impeccable public appearance. The strain to be a paragon of virtue brings up the rebel in us. The pressure of the responsibility leaves us alone and isolated from normal human interaction. We are particularly vulnerable to those who feed on our power. Those who are ordinarily close to us feel alienated from us, distanced emotionally and are therefore unable to truly meet our needs for comfort.

Unless we have an extraordorinarily strong faith in a Higher Power, it is easy to fall into arrogance and pride because the usual "reality check" of dealing with equals is absent.

I have seen that when this 'fall from grace" occurs, the only possibility of healing comes through letting go of ego, image and false impressions of the self. And this applies to everyone involved-each person must make this sacrifice. The ancient tradition of "humbling oneself" has great value for an unexpected reason.

The loss of dignity required for Leo Bill Clinton to honestly resolve this situation may be more than he or his political machine can handle. His family, however, should.