NDE: Near Death Experience: Coming Back to Life

By Jeri Noble

This is a story of a NDE, or near death experience. It is neccessarily brief due to the nature of the Web, but certain highlights can be given.

Shortly after my 19th birthday, I found myself severely hemorrhaging from a 7 month pregnancy. An emergency Caesarian was performed, but I'd lost a great deal of blood. I was dead on the table for approximately 6 minutes.

I experienced much of what is most commonly described in other's near death experiences (we easily recognize each other's descriptions), but naturally my interpretations of the experience were unique to my understanding at the time. Mine included no Christian symbolism, as I was not one, but many elements were similar in function.

There was no doubt in my mind as this was occurring that something extremely important was going on. I was able to view my life and goals up to that point and vividly perceive the pattern that existed. What I call "the Big Why", which is basically our bottom line question(s) about life, was made clear to me.

That was that we are each here to express our unique individuality as fully as possible. And that nothing was impossible as long as we followed that imperative.

Naturally, you just can't live in Western Civilization without getting your share of Christianity so of course I had to know, "What about Sin?" The answer was emblazed on my mind and heart permanently: The only sin is conformity.

Now I'm older and (hopefully) wiser, I'm quite willing to be open to the possibility that this may not be right for everyone. However, in all of my counseling experience I can trace back for each client the exact point where life went awry. It was invariably when they sacrificied themselves to a viewpoint that was not their own.

I've attempted to live my life by the premise that conformity is the only sin (although my perspective on Christianity has changed) and tried to always keep my actions in line with what I believe instead of what others tell me that I must. When I have failed to do this, I experienced Hell until I got back on track.