Astrology: A Guide for Past Life Reading

Astrology is both an art and a science, so many astrologers will emphasize certain tools of the trade more than others. There is such an incredible quantity of information that can be gleaned from the birth chart, that one can use different factors to come up with the same answer. So it is with past life astrology. There are many ways to do this type of reading, and what I'll be describing is my preferred method. It's by no means the only one.

I'd been practicing professional past life regression therapy for about 12 years before I was trained in astrology. This was therapy, done for the purpose of healing. This gives one a different perspective on time. A "long time" just doesn't mean what it used to, and "soon" could be practically anything. A significant contribution to my understanding, was learning why we suppress these memories in the first place. Anyone who's watched much TV has heard the term "traumatic" or "hysterical" amnesia. Simply put, the mind blanks out what it doesn't feel it can cope with. Since each lifetime ends with a death, it's easy to understand why we could habitually choose not to remember.

When I began exploring the astrological possibilities of past life readings, I went first to the placement of the moon. The moon is memory, and the past. Just looking at the sign, house and aspects to the moon could tell me what the person was trying not to remember. Like many mental phenomena, what we deny, or put energy into avoiding, we inevitably attract. Thus, the first part of childhood, when the effort to forget is strongest, is when we act out much of what we're avoiding. As we grow older and the "forgettery" is well in place, we can impose new conditioning on ourselves, and with luck, break free of some old patterns.

Neptune and the 12th house are important in my search for definition as well. The 12th house is known as the "dust bin" of the zodiac because it seems to contain all the old garbage. Because it's such a hodge-podge of impressions, it only rates about a "5" on a scale of 1 -10 in usefulness. Sometimes, if it's in interesting aspect to another planet, it can yield constructive information.

Saturn is far more interesting. It points up a lack in our past life experience which we feel very deeply in this life. Evidently, we have determined that this is where we must "straighten up and fly right" this go-round, since we've encountered heavy punishment for not being adequate in this arena in the past. This is another one we carry into this lifetime up until the first Saturn return at age 28. It's where we endure discipline, restriction and limitation, eventually working our way up to being an authority in the matter.

The Lunar Nodes are critical in my estimation, particularly the South Node. This tells us where we did well in the past, have achieved mastery. Conjunctions and squares to the nodes can describe the conditions of the previous existence, as well as defining the requirements for evolution.

Finally, Pluto is instrumental in determining the cause of prior death(s) which are prominent in the subconscious. We will go to great lengths to avoid the circumstances which lead to a prior death, and may miss out on important elements of this life which are necessary for us to feel whole.