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Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis

If you want to quit smoking but find it scary or you fear gaining weight, smoking hypnosis can be a viable solution to assist you in releasing the habit. Whether you lack willpower, motivation, confidence in your ability to quit and not return to the habit, or you fear the pounds piling on, you will be happy learn that smoking cessation hypnosis has a very high success rate.

The trick to making smoking hypnosis work, however, is whether you really want to stop or not. If you are doing it because someone has been bugging you to stop, your chances of success are greatly reduced. If you want to stop because you want to improve your health and live longer, you have a great opportunity through stop smoking hypnosis.

Nicotine addiction is a combination addiction; there is the physical need combined with the psychological desire. The habit of hand-to-mouth is often so ingrained in the mind that people resort to all sorts of therapies to attempt to break this nasty habitual relationship to cigarettes. CDs, tapes, videos and MP3 files that provide you with the means to practice self-induced trace states can be easily located on the Interent. Then you simply have to use the stop smoking hypnosis products on a regular basis until the entire urge to return to the habit disappears. Sometimes a short set of refresher sessions may be desirable when urges pop up farther down the road.

Smoking cessation hypnosis seminars where dozens of people are hypnotized at one time by a moderator working from a stage have been successful for some, but the long term results are less than desired because you can't perform refresher sessions if needed. That means that the percentage of people who do return to the habit within two years or less is rather high. By using stop smoking hypnotherapy techniques in your own home, you don't have to depend on a single seminar providing long-term willpower.

Smoking hypnosis, when used properly, can provide the results you want without the weight gain you fear. Almost all of the CDs and products available address this sensitive issue of using food to replace the hand-to-mouth habit involved with this addiction. Don't kid yourself; if you smoke, you need to quit. If you don’t feel you can quit on your own, smoking cessation hypnosis is the key to starting a healthy lifestyle without the dependancy on tobacco.

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