Many Ways to Learn Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis tapes, whether audio or videos, CDs and even MP3 files can help you learn to hypnotize yourself. These products simply guide you through the steps, helping you enter a hypnotic altered state of mind. Hypnosis tapes are created for a specific focus area. If you want to lose weight, the hypnosis script on the tape would be different than if you wanted to become more productive on your job. Either of those would be drastically different than the product made to focus on releasing a phobia.

When entering self hypnosis, a person simply listens to the product in a relaxed position while seated or lying down in the comfort of their own home. Suggestions are then made to the mind to induce the mind into an altered trance like state where suggestions are introduced. For example, if you want to control your weight, the suggestions will be something like: "You do not have a desire to eat unhealthy foods. You have a strong desire and hunger for low-fat foods that are high in fiber. Three balanced low-calorie meals each day will make you feel satisfied. You will want to exercise and will find it easy and pleasant to get up and exercise." These are only samples of some possible suggestions that might be part of the self hypnosis scripts. The desired outcome is that your subconscious mind will accept and use these suggestions.

Self hypnosis tapes and hypnosis tapes for audio may contain relaxing music. Some do; others do not. It is entirely up to you whether to select a product that contains music or not. By using these products consistently to induce self hypnotherapy trances, you can learn over time how to enter the hypnotic state without the aid of a tape or other product. However, you must be aware that you never want to use any type of hypnotic technique or listen to a self hypnosis tape while driving a car. This can result in your entering a trance while controlling a moving vehicle and this will effect your ability to drive safely.

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