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Hypnosis for Phobias: From Fear of Spiders and Even Clowns

Fear is based in anxiety, and there isn't some aspect of life that we don't get anxious about sometime during our lives. But when the fear of something-anything- is so crippling that we become frozen at the very thought of it-let alone seeing it- you have moved from a simple fear to a paralyzing phobia. Most people are aware of the phobia surrounding the fear of flying or spiders; to list all phobias here would take too long, but here is a list of some of the most common phobias:

Fear of Rejection

You might not think of fear of rejection as a phobia, but if the thought of being rejected causes such anxiety that you can not participate in a relationship, then it is considered to be a phobia. Phobias are rooted often in something that happened to us as children, usually at an age so young that we were unable to voice our fear. This leaves a psychological imprint which prevents us from experiencing situations like or that remind us of the initial imprinted condition without having something akin to an anxiety attack. For instance, if a parent abandoned you before you were old enough to talk about it, this may leave a subconscious imprint which causes you to not be able to form a lasting bond with another person; a phobia.


Agoraphobia is a paralyzing fear of social situations. Social anxiety disorder is a milder and common form of the phobia. Persons with this phobia seldom leave the house in very severe cases; others with milder symptoms refrain from going to social events or meeting new people. Their world becomes very small. To work with this type of phobia your first need the person to leave the house, which can be challenging for them to travel to a therapist. However, if they will allow a therapist to visit, you can work on Agoraphobia in their home.

Fear of Birds and Needles

Other phobias include the fear of birds and needles. If you have a phobia of birds, you probably do not like to go outside to the park or enjoy life anywhere where a bird might be, if you are afraid of needles, you usually avoid going to the doctor at all costs.

While most of these fears are rooted in some reality. We all know needles do hurt. Birds do occasionally swoop down, new people can be judgmental, etc; a phobia is based in an unrealistic fear: the needle will break off in your arm, the birds will attack you like in the Alfred Hitchcock movie. All these thoughts are terrifying to those who suffer from the phobia.

Other Common Phobias - Fear of Tests , Spiders, and Clowns

Two of the most common phobias are that of tests and fear of spiders. Test anxiety is rooted in comparing yourself to other people, and is deeply rooted in fear of failure. Spiders are creepy, but a phobic will become hysterical or faint at the sight of one. There is however, good news.You can overcome fear of spiders and other phobias like even fear of clowns through hypnosis. NLP and hypnosis allows you to enter a state of relaxation and then by the power of subliminal suggestion and NLP techniques you can reprogram, control or eliminate the phobia entirely. Imagine how nice it would be to go into a classroom for a test and not have an anxiety attack, or to be able to go camping in the woods again-for the first time ever. It works-it really does! You can learn more about hypnosis for a list of phobias and regain control of your life.

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