Money Wealth & Prosperity: Trance for Forming the Subconscious for Success

Money – now that is a subject that is of concern to everyone. If you have it, you worry about keeping it and how to maximize it. If you don't have it, you worry about getting it. You will appreciate knowing their is a Hypno-peripherial processing (HPP) program that can help anyone and everyone who worries about money in any way whatsoever.

This set consists of two extra-length CDs. The first CD program addresses goal setting, creating new beliefs and increasing productivity. The second CD addresses avoiding self sabotage, unleashing personal powers and self mastery.

To properly use these CDs, I knew I had to use stereo headphones to be able to effectively absorb the two levels of the sound. One level is Dr. Glauberman telling soothing, calming and trance-invoking stories while the other level provides the training for the inner mind. I also knew I had to use the program for at least two weeks to begin to see any effects at all.

I found a quite place and reclined with my headphones, soon I was entering a trance-like state because the voice and tones on the tape are so very relaxing, which makes it extremely easy to enter this trace state. The experience is so restful that upon completing a session, I almost felt as if I had slept for a few hours. I felt renewed and energetic as well when I used the CDs during the day and returned to normal activities after completing the session.

While there are no earth-shattering changes noticeable within two weeks, there are subtle changes in my ways of thinking about money, how I produce income and how I use income. The longer I use the CDs, the more changes I recognize.

Because I found this series of CDs very effective, I have every intention of continuing to use this program indefinitely to see how much change I can make in the areas of money and wealth. I highly recommend this two-CD set by Dr. Glauberman to anyone. It has certainly made changes in my mind's thought patterns and I am certain you will see changes with regular use as well.

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