Learn for Free at the Hypnosis Motivation Institute

The Hypnosis Motivation Institute offers hypnosis lessons to California residents. What you may not have realized about these lessons is that they are absolutely free of charge. That's pretty amazing, isn't it? Not just that, but upon completing the training, you are awarded the certification of "Hypnotist" as a member of Union Local 472 AFL/CIO. The lessons meet two times per week for three hours during four consecutive weeks. This was the first school for hypnosis that achieved accreditation in the U.S.

You can learn hypnosis in Tarzana, California for free. But, what happens if you don't happen to live in Tarzana or nearby? You can take the home study course and get your lessons that way. There are no prerequisites to this course; any qualified applicant can participate.

During this time, you'll learn the basic steps and how to's of hypnosis and experience demonstrations by instructors. You'll complete practice assignments as well. You'll understand what hypnotic work is, how suggestions are presented, the differences between self- hetero- and environmental state hypnosis, how to test for suggestibility, how to interpret results and how to identify and use the best suggestibility pattern for your subject. You'll be required to participate in workshops where you will gain real experience in this art.

Upon completion of the four week course at Hypnosis Motivation Institute, you'll understand how to trigger the hypnotic response, how to word suggestions effectively, group and self hypnotism, shock and instantaneous inductions to the trance state.

The Hypnosis Motivation Institute courses are perfect for nurses, doctors and dentists who wish to add this skill to the services provided in their practices. You can learn for entertainment purposes or simply satisfy your curiosity. You can follow with additional training for learn hypnosis and it's many uses, if you desire.

You can also learn hypnosis online for free at Hypnosis Downloads.