Hypnosis - Part 4: In Day-to-Day Living

Hypnotic suggestions, from sittings or after repeated hearings from a recorded cassette/CD, may be of immense help in one's daily life. It can benumb the pain complex for one having a tooth extracted; or, the expectant mother during labor. It could help one get over a bad habit--e.g. smoking, alcohol, and drug addiction--or, make an extremely nervous student relax. It could help one overcome the problem of stammering, too.

In addition, it may be used to improve learning skills, and propel sportspersons to conquer a mental block, the bugbear in their tough world of extreme competition, where only winning counts--and, nothing else. For just one uncomplicated reason--relaxation is something that brings out the best in us all.

All the same, if you have thought of hypnosis as a method of treatment you'd like to try, it is recommended that you speak to a good Hypnotherapist in your area--and, not with someone who only advertises and/or makes tall claims.

As cited elsewhere, functions that can be monitored, in this manner, include heart rate, blood pressure, electrical resistance of the skin and, thus, sweat gland activity, muscle tension, skin temperature, and brain-wave pattern--all of which are often demonstrated on a special EEG, or any other advanced, machine.

In simple terms, biofeedback encourages you to exert certain control over your body's internal functions--by making you conscious of what's happening inside your body, as it responds to various subjective, or behavioral, patterns. If you succeed in bringing about any change, biofeedback would give you information on it.

Experts aver (affirm) that a test-and-boner approach, organized classically, with the help of a biofeedback therapist, would be your best bet for controlling a particular function. It's, ultimately, through the knowledge of your success, they add, that one could reach better levels, and also reinforce an ability to learn the positives and unlearn the negatives.

Biofeedback is quite advanced today. In its present form, it is possible for one to use the therapy with state-of-the-art gadgets: to control stress, realize true relaxation, and achieve important goals.

Biofeedback today also offers a host of possibilities: stress control, breath control for relaxation/visualization/fitness appraisal, and improved athletic performance, treatment of sleep disorders, managing pain, or controlling weight, bowel movement/constipation, smoking, and also pleonastic disorders such as incontinence, besides improved public speaking skills, and so on.

Biofeedback machines are available worldwide, and hosts of equipment manufacturers/companies offer the best on the most advanced scientific and technological parameters. However, the only constraint is some of them may be quite expensive for personal use, albeit affordable to some.

The best way is, of course, the most simple. It means soliciting the help of a qualified therapist and--most importantly--using the therapy in conjunction with yoga, meditation, and relaxation techniques, to derive the maximum benefit possible.

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